Work Packages

WP1Management and coordination
WP CoordinatorApplicant ENEA
PPs involvedPP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5, PP6, PP7, PP8, PP9
Role of each partner involvedThrough this WP all partners, driven by the Applicant, will be deeply involved and the project outputs will be delivered within the scheduled time. To facilitate the management and coordination, the Project Manager will create a management and coordination manual (handbook) where the policy, processes and tools will be simply synthesized and described. The Applicant will assume risk management, will ensure a high quality work following the agreement upon work plan, will control the progress of the activities integrated in the WPs, will make the essential day-to-day decisions on the project to allow a proper implementation of the WPs.
Expected resultsThe project is properly and timely managed; goals, objectives and results are recognized by target groups, stakeholders, civil society and institutions in involved countries.
WP CoordinatorApplicant
PPs involvedApplicant ENEA, PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5, PP6, PP7, PP8, PP9
Role of each partner involvedThe Communication Officer (Applicant) and its team will be responsible for sharing policy-relevant data with other Partners and ensuring the external visibility of the project to encourage and mediate cooperation between different countries and cultures of the Mediterranean, provide the necessary instruments to facilitate interaction, mediate and manage the network to create added value. The Applicant will be supported by the three NGOs (PP7, PP8, PP9) and by the partners of the 3 MPC (PP2, PP4, PP5, PP6) to reach the principal target groups: national and local authorities responsible for water cycle management, public and private scientific institutions, local and national environmental NGOs, involved communities and all other relevant stakeholders. PP1 will be in charge of the communication at the occasion of the meetings in Nicosia and the spread of the information in Cyprus. The involvement and needs of the target stakeholders will be reviewed in collaboration with the Associate Partner 1, MEDRC (The Middle East Desalination Research Centre). The communication team in cooperation with the Project Manager is responsible for producing policyrelevant dissemination materials. 
Expected resultsThe project goals and results will be known by the target groups, main stakeholders and people of target territories. The visibility to the ENPI CBC Med Programme as main cofounders will be guaranteed;
WP3Capitalisation of results
WP CoordinatorPP6
PPs involvedApplicant, PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5
Role of each partner involvedThe objective of the WP3 is to boost the effective use of the new water management approach developed by the project and to mainstream and capitalize it into the institutional policies, at the Programme level and at the Mediterranean level. The PP6 will be in charge of driving the process by ensuring a proper institutional awareness at the Mediterranean basin level. In this phase the Partners involved will ensure the participation of relevant international organisation and national and local authorities that could support the capitalisation of the Water-DROP results. The involved Partners will ensure that in each target country the strategy is designed for transferring into long term actions the tangible and intangible results of the Water-DROP project. The strict connection between the WP3 with the WP2 will ensure the maximisation of synergies.
Expected resultsThe "Water-DROP" results are acknowledged at local, regional, national, Mediterranean and ENPI levels. The way forward for the follow up of each Project results outputs is tracked and managed
WP4An integrated approach DSS-GIS for the water cycle management is developed
WP CoordinatorApplicant ENEA
PPs involvedPP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5, PP6, PP7, PP8, PP9
Role of each partner involvedENEA will coordinate this WP and will be in charge of the technical realization the DSS and the GIS. On the other side PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5 and PP6 will be in charge of collecting the relevant data from their own countries (geo-referenced for thematic Maps). Applicant ENEA and PP1 UNic will jointly define (after Skype consultations with partners) the guidelines for the collection of data. The PP1 UNic will also be in charge of harmonizing the data collected by partners, integrate them with the data at the Mediterranean level and realize the database.
Expected resultsAn integrated approach DSS-GIS for the water cycle management
WP54 Pilot actions are implemented in the 4 countries (monitoring, water treatment, water governance, cost-benefit analysis)
WP CoordinatorPP4
PPs involvedApplicant, PP1, PP2, PP3, PP5, PP6, PP7, PP8, PP9
Role of each partner involvedThe WP 5 will be coordinated by the PP4 CNRS-L that, given its statutory role (public institution assigned at formulating national science and technology policy, initiating, guiding, supporting and conducting scientific research programs and activities) is in a strategic position for ensuring that pilot actions are implemented as turning elements of the development of new political framework. The other Partners involved will guarantee the effective realisation of the pilot actions in each country where they are active. Notably Applicant and PP2 in Italy; PP3, PP4 and PP7 in Lebanon; PP5 and PP8 in Palestinian Territories; PP6 and PP9 in Jordan. In fact the three NGOs will support the local Partner considering their experience in those 9 countries where they are recognized from target groups and local population as reliable and effective partners. The Applicant will test a patented device for in situ analyses of pigments present in fresh- and marine waters during the sampling campaigns carried out in the MPCs.
Expected results4 Pilot actions in the 4 countries (monitoring, water treatment, water governance, cost-benefit analysis) are developed to allow, on the basis of local experiences, the adoption of appropriate methodologies and technologies (such as the DSS) for the WCM and the models are extendable at a Mediterranean level.
WP6Revision of the legislation and elaboration of proposals
WP CoordinatorPP2
PPs involvedApplicant, PP1, PP3, PP4, PP5, PP6
Role of each partner involvedThe Tuscany Region will coordinate this WP given its evident competency on environmental regulations. Given the objective of revising the legislation of the 4 target countries and to improve the exchange of different experiences in water governance at local and Mediterranean level. Each partner of the MPCs (PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5, and PP6) will have an active role in highlighting the main critical points of the national legislation on Water Management.
Expected resultsNormative proposals on water management, that could lead the progressive harmonization of the legislation on the issue at the Mediterranean level, based on the methodologies and technologies tested within this project, are promoted in each involved country.
  • Applicant: ENEA - Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development. Technical unit for sustainable development and innovation of agro-industry system (Italy, Lazio)
  • PP1: University of Nicosia (Cyprus)
  • PP2: Region of Tuscany - DG Territorial Policies, Environment and Mobility (Italy, Toscana)
  • PP3: Union of Municipalities of Hermel, Planning and Development Agency (Lebanon)
  • PP4: National Council for Scientific Research (Lebanon)
  • PP5: Palestinian Hydrology Group (Palestine)
  • PP6: International Union for Conservation of Nature, Regional Office for West Asia (Jordan, Amman)
  • PP7: Haliéus - Organization for cooperation on fishery, aquaculture, research, development and environment (Italy, Lazio)
  • PP8: Assembly of Cooperation for Peace (Spain, Comunidad Valenciana)
  • PP9: ARCS-ARCI Culture and Development (Italy, Lazio)