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Population growth, rapid urbanization and industrialization, the expansion of agriculture and tourism, as well as climate change are all factors which put water under increasing stress. The scarcity of this vital resource for human and social development has placed water at the top of the agenda of many Mediterranean countries. Most of the water problems are due to the mismanagement of water resources and to the incoherency among different policies impacting water conservation. In addition, the dialogue between water stakeholders, users and central governments shall be fostered in order to ensure more integrated approaches to developing and managing water resources.

To address these challenges, the Water-DROP Project has been designed on the assumption that the main issues to be tackled for efficient water management concern technical-methodological, capacity-building, and normative aspects. more >>

News and Events

Date: August 20th 2015
Location: , Sweden
Date: June 18th 2015
Location: Florence, Italy
Date: June 17th 2015
Location: Milano, Italy
Date: June 10th 2015
Date: June 6th 2015
Location: Hermel, Lebanon
Date: May 13th 2015
Location: Baalbek, Lebanon
Date: April 21st 2015
Location: Al-Balqaa, Jordan
Date: March 9th 2015
Location: , Lebanon