Tuscany Region - DG Territorial, environmental and mobility policies Sector water resources management

Project partner

Tuscany Region is one of the italian 20 local italian institutions  and  among the guiding principles of the Region are: respect for the ecological balance, environmental protection and natural heritage, biodiversity conservation, promoting the culture of respect for the animals and historical protection and enhancement of art and landscape, promoting economic development.  

One goal is to be more conducive to business competitiveness, based on innovation, research and training in the principles of social cohesion and environmental sustainability and the promotion of cooperation as a tool economic democracy and social development, encourage the  the most sustainable development. Moreover, the great attention that the institution has always put in the environmental issues in the whole territory makes it a pioneer in panorama national and international research and design of systems and environmentally friendly working methods.

The environmental management and sustainable development,  is organized as follow: the cycle of waste, protection from pollution, reclamation of polluted sites and  the great field of energy from renewable sources, soil conservation,  water services and the prevention of seismic risk. Focuses are on parks, protected areas and biodiversity geological services, hydrological and policies to combat coastal erosion and security of quarries and mines.

Other activities are addressed to  the Arpat (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection). Finally, Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental assessments and strategic (SEA). These are the principles of the programs, laws and initiatives proposed and implemented by the Region of Tuscany.

Activities for Water-DROP project

The main activity in which Tuscany Region is involved is the number 6, Review of legislation and development of a proposal.
In this action will be revised legislation of the countries covered by the project and operareà exchange esperieze at the level of the Mediterranean basin.  

The Tuscany Region is also involved in all the others activities in which the project is declined.

  • Action 1) Management and Coordination
  • Action 2) Dissemination and Communication
  • Action 3) Capitalization of results
  • Action 4) Approach GIS-DSS for integrated water cycle
  • Action 5) Pilot Actions

In particular in this action the effort of the Tuscany Region will be on cost-benefit analysis of the 4 pilot actions that will be implemented in each of the four areas of reference chosen.


Franco Gallori
From 18.11.2010 responsible Sector “Water resources management and protection” subordinated to General Direction of Environmental, Energy and Climate Changes and he is particularly involved with the coordination of assistance programs and business plans of those responsible for water protection, monitoring, verification controls and comparisons between the levels of management and performance of managers and other relevant actors in order to protect the environment for the coordination of the integrated water cycle, as well as liaison with the Authority's water distribution and with the River Basin Authority;

During the years he acquired professional experience in:

  • water cycle management, distribution, captation, wastewater treatment;
  • management of human and financial resources in the fields of government of water;
  • governace at different levels, either political level and social also a operative level;
  • prices, tariffs, costs of water;
  • management and control of workers assigned of their levels and performances.
  • producing of laws and normative in the field of water management.