Palestinian Hydrology Group for water and environmental resources development

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Palestinian Territory


Dr Abdelrahman Alamarah Tamimi

Worked since graduation in the field of water resources in the Occupied Territories.  During the last 25 years the activities were focused more on water resourcesand integrated riral development.  He  was also a member in the Palestinian counterparts to the EC and the World Bank before the establishment of  Palestinian authority  .he  shared an initiation of  the priorities and planning of the strategic projects.  He  also worked as a consultant for institutions working in developing water and environmental projects in the Occupied Territories(UNDP.GTZ,EU, World Bank. etc. Also he  has  more emphasis in water governance , water policy, water institutions, social conflicts and water and environmental conflicts in the Middle East. Additional to that he  worked as coordinator for many international research projects .Such as projects of water policy, water resources planning .Recently appointed as a member of National water  council  and  the national reform committee , and  the national committee for social agenda and poverty alleviation .also he was   the resource person for    climate change  adaptation national strategy and a member of water sector strategy . he is co author of the report preperad for EU : Mediterranean challenges  2030:

He coordinated several multi national projects related to water policy , food security and climate change .

Working as part time lecturer in Alquds University-Sustainable Development Instituite –Post Graduate Program and director of Palestinian hydrology group

Additionally  he has  several publication related institutional building, empowerment  and stakeholders dialogue – trans-boundary water conflict

He is the author of the book “water privatization and regional political agenda”