International Union for conservation of Nature, Regional Office for West Asia

Project partner

Role in Water-DROP

  1. Established local advisory committee from the concerned  stakeholder  at the local level, and participate in the steering committee of the project at the  regional level
  2. With the local advisory  committee assess the needs of the local communities in water related issue  , set up selection criteria , and select three local community to implement water harvesting technique based on agreed  selection criteria
  3. With the local advisory  committee assess  the  awareness needs   of the school in the governorate , set up selection criteria and select 6 school to conduct awareness program about water management and water saving
  4. Assess the needs of the DSS, GIS unite in Balqa  governorate / water department and set up  a plan to build  their capacity  based on the needs
  5. Building the capacity of the project stakeholder at local and national level
  6. Visibility and  Sharing the  know how  among the region as well as the globe ,through workshops , seminars, publication , website, media , and conferences
  7. Enhance the networking between the  partner , stakeholder and the donor
  8. Facilitating the project work at local , national and regional level



(IUCN ) International Union for Conservation of Nature
Project Coordinator - SWIM Project Water & Climate Change Programme

Sameeh Joined IUCN ROWA in late 2012. He Holds a masters degree in civil engineering / water demand management  form ( JUST )and a Bachelors in Soil and Irrigation from the University of Jordan . He has extensive experience in the project management in international organizations  in the field of sustainable management of natural resource  and has previously worked at the Royal Court and Ministry of Agriculture  .

Before joining IUCN, he worked for both Governmental and non-Governmental sectors. He was the Research Coordinator in Care International and  researcher for Reading University in the  Water Life and Civilization Program ,  therefore has expertise in natural resource management and water management and climatic change as well.

Sameeh leads  a  voluntary chartable CBO  in his home village since 1990  and  work for the welfares of local people through   voluntary work  ,he  is  co- author of many scientific paper  in Journal of Archaeological Science.

he  is coordinating  many water and climatic change related  projects in the region