Organization for development cooperation and international research on fishery, aquaculture and environment

Project partner

Haliéus is the first Italian Non-Governmental Organisation operating in the fishery sector set up to promote the economic, social and cultural development of local communities in developing countries. Its projects are aimed at enhancing small-scale fishery and aquaculture activities, as well as sustainable management of the natural resources. They include:

  • studying and carrying out cooperation projects and programs in the sectors of aquaculture, fisheries, environment in coordination with national and local authorities;
  • promotion of high level professional training and on-the-job training within the above mentioned sectors, mainly aimed at young people, women, disadvantaged groups, communities depending on primary activities, people excluded from productive processes due to lack of skills, etc.;
  • carrying out applied scientific and technological researches aimed at transferring suitable technologies to developing countries;
  • providing qualified technical assistance, by mobilizing specialised technicians both in Italy and abroad;
  • promotion of sustainable production techniques, respectful of local culture and traditions;
  • carrying out activities which lead to self-management, at individual and community level;
  • encouraging and establishing relations of collaboration and networking with other Italian and foreign associations, cooperatives, trade unions, belonging to professional, technical, economic and social sectors to achieve common objectives.

Researchers and collaborators of Haliéus participate in workshops and international organizations works on specific themes - such as the management of fishery resources (ICCAT-GFCM workshops; IWC, Adriamed, FAO, EU, etc.), aquaculture, shared stocks, etc. The participation of our experts to international meetings (Malta, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, Maldive Islands, etc.) has contributed to the creation of synergies, exchanges of good practices and concrete collaborations with researchers of the sector in several countries.

Water-DROP: the role of Haliéus

Haliéus is in charge of supporting the Lebanese partners during the activities implementation. Thanks to the experience gained during the years implementing activities in the project target areas, Haliéus is recognized as a reliable and efficient partner among local communities and partner organizations.

Therefore, Haliéus will act as a link between ENEA, CNRS and the Hermel Union of Municipalities – PDA fostering a smooth and effective management of both the DSS-GIS related activities and the pilot actions. Haliéus will then contribute to the transfer of the project results into legislative proposals at local and basin level.

Moreover, Haliéus will also be involved in the development of the awareness campaign addressed to secondary school students in Lebanon to amplify the project results 


Francesca Ottolenghi

Biologist, she focused her research activity on fisheries, aquaculture and environment related issues. She worked for research cooperatives and as consultant for international organizations such as FAO.

From 2005 she is director of the NGO Haliéus, developing international sustainable development projects in the fields of fisheries, aquaculture, marine and coastal environment issues, biodiversity conservation and related conflict management.

During the years she acquired professional experience in:

  • management of EU funded project;
  • identification, planning, evaluation and management of sustainable development projects in fisheries/aquaculture/environment (coastal areas, lagoons, lakes, rivers etc.) supported by participative decision-making processes and stakeholder consultation;
  • feasibility and assessment studies;
  • training needs assessment;
  • Management of trans-national and multi-disciplinary working teams.

Role in Water-DROP

During the implementation phase of the project, Francesca Ottolenghi will be in charge of managing the activities of Haliéus and its team. Her long standing working experience in Lebanon and her relations with the local communities will represent a fundamental added value to the achievement of the project results in that area.