Water-DROP Round table for stakeholders' involvement in Palestine

May 26th 2016
Palestinian Territory

In the frame of Water-DROP  project, the partner from  Palestinian Hydrology Group organized (PHG), organized a round table with all water sector stakeholders to discuss the water drop in the light of the new Palestinian water sector reform Plan .The  main output of the discussion that the Produced brief policy Paper on the waste water reuse and to consider the waste water as water resources in the National strategy plan. The roundtable with 25 participants was the moment to discuss the socioeconomic incentives and increasing the farmers willingness  the main recommendations were : The government should subsidize the price of treated waste water . Legal and institutional arrangement for reuse of treated waste water should be done as soon as possible.    The government should encourage farmer to use treated waste water for fruits and fodder to bridge the gap between supply and demand. The activities of water drop was covered by local media in the news agency, radio and news papers. PHG produced the draft of the Manual for reuse treated waste water and Policy Brief Paper on Socioeconomic incentives for treated waste water reuse .