Water-DROP Pilot site activities in Torre Flavia, Italy

Water-DROP Pilot site activities in Torre Flavia, Italy
June 19th 2015

Monitoring and feasibility program:

Water-DROP pilot site in Italy is Torre Flavia natural wetland located in Latium Region 50 km North of Rome, where the auto-depurative capacity the the wetland will be avaluated. Torre Flavia is a protected area for the safeguard of the migratory avifauna and for the preservation of the rare traces of what was once the coastal environment of Lazio Region with sandy dunes and a wide system of lakes, coastal ponds, and swamps large plain forests and a faunistic richness which is nowadays witnessed only by iconography and historical documentation.  

The results of the on-going monitoring campaigns implemented by ENEA will be the tool to undertake a feasibility study on the recovery of the wetland testing the application of the DSS on the correlations between local spatial planning and water management.

For Water-Drop objectives, 4 water monitoring and sampling campaigns, in Torre Flavia wetlands were performed in different seasons of the year (25 November 2014, 15 March 2015, 19 May 2015, 2 sept 2015) and in 10 different sampling points as shown in the aerial view.

Attached photos of ENEA staff sampling and aerial view of Torre Flavia with indicated the 10 monitoring points.

ENEA staff during sampling and monitoring activities at Torre Flavia, Italy