Water-DROP National round table, Ladispoli, Italy

Pilot actions in Torre Flavia Wetlands and in the Middle Est
Water-DROP National round table, Ladispoli, Italy
May 25th 2016
Biblioteca comunale Ladispoli

Water-DROP National round table organized by ENEA in collaboration with ARCS and Halieus, took place in Ladispoli, Torre Flavia pilot site, 50 km North of Rome. Local administrators, the major of Ladispoli and 4 local high schools attended the round table.An article on the round table was released on local newspaper at following link:http://www.baraondanews.it/c/128346/13174/dal-medio-oriente-a-ladispoli-...link for details and photos: https://www.facebook.com/Biblioteca.P.Impastato/?fref=photo