Water-DROP exchange visits of women in Allaan Village, Jordan

Water-DROP exchange visits of women in Allaan Village, Jordan
December 10th 2014
Imprint Goodness Association Bassmat al Khaier / Allaan

In the framework of Water-DROP project activities, and with the aim of disseminating project knowledge on water management to local population and in particular to women, exchange experiences and open the channels of communication between civil society organizations and concerned stakeholders, IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA), organized a cross visit of women from Bassmet Al Kheir Women Well-Fair Society, a standing society registered in the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development located in Allaan, Balqa Governorate. During this cross visit in the village of Allaan and Johoud, women met institutions of civil society, government agencies, non governmental agencies and researchers. The participants visited Bassmat Al Kheer Community Based Organization-CBO, and discussed the implementation of Water-DROP project activities based on the water needs of the community and how project could be supportive for families and local communities. The president of the CBO clearly demonstrated to local people the importance of Water-DROP project in Jordan to change water management at local level. Local women were trained on the theme of domestic water and plumbing  (pioneers of change) and how to provide houses of Babar with water collection.32 participants attended the visit, and 18 students from BAU Balqa Applied University. IUCN team presented the experience in the project and the obstacles that has been facing theme during implementation of rain water harvesting projects from the top roof, they conduct sites visit to collection water wells and visit a number of beneficiaries of the training on plumbing. At the end of the field visit, the president of the CBO and the project team agreed that participation in such field visits could work to open doors for the transfer of information that can be generalized to other areas.The results of the visit:Exchange experiences in the field of water managementNetworking with some of the stakeholdersInitiate a dialogue between the participantsSusequently, a Memorandum of cooperation was signed between IUCN and Bassmet Al Kheir Women Well-Fair Society, chaired by Mrs. Buthaina Musa Al Zoub, with the aim to:

  1. Achieve technical and financial cooperation for implementing the project and identify sustainable methods to agricultural development and water security in the project area.
  2. Design a participatory approach to develop a sustainable agricultural sector and minimize environmental pollution in the lower Zarqa River Basin area as to be positively reflected on the environment and agriculture in the area as well as the livelihoods of farmers and inhabitants through launching projects of water harvesting from rooftops and collection in ground cisterns. 

These results may contribute to identify new innovative techniques aiming at water use reduction and better management, raise farmers’ awareness and capacities for using techniques that improve the efficiency of water irrigation use in agriculture and the water situation among households in the project area.Finally, develop an effective local financial, technical and administrative framework to adopt these techniques. Attached, the photos of the visits and the participatory approaches developed in Allaan and Johud during Water-DROP project.