Water-DROP European Cooperation Day 2015 – ENPI CBC MED Cooperation at the heart of the Mediterranean

Water-DROP European Cooperation Day 2015 – ENPI CBC MED Cooperation at the heart of the Mediterranean
September 21st 2015
Centre Cultural La Nau – Universitat de València Valencia

The European Cooperation Day represents an opportunity to reflect on how the policies are being oriented in the Cooperation area, their bases on a continental level, as well as their impact on a global level. Therefore, Interact, a representative of the European Union to support cooperation projects, has promoted a meeting on the 21st of September at the Nau from the University of Valencia, in order to give visibility to the cooperation projects carried out between the EU and the member states from other Mediterranean regions, financed by ENPI (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument).

Delegates from ACPP in Valencia presented the project WATER DROP and spoke about the importance of the work being realized in order to improve the life conditions of the Mediterranean people. ACPP is working in Palestine together with the support from the local counterpart PHG (Palestinian Hydrology Group). The Palestinian Occupied Territories are a priority region for ACPP, as well as the water supply and the sanitation, as public services. For this reason, our representative spoke about the importance of our continuing work TO enhance agriculture as a way of life in the rural Palestinian communities, not only as a source of income, but also as a part of the Palestinian people’s identity. Furthermore, she has brought attention about the problem of expropriation of lands in the West Bank for the construction of Israeli settlements, since the abandonment of the land due to lack of water and access is one of the “excuses” used by the colonizers to expropriate Palestinian land.

Besides ACPP, the event counted with representatives from other programs such as SUSTEXNET: a project developed to establish a cooperation network in the Mediterranean textile industry; Custom Med: which is trying to improve the customs procedures in some Mediterranean harbours; MEDNETA: which is seeking, through cooperation and dialogue, to support and promote creativity and arts for the rehabilitation and revival of some Mediterranean cities.

At the end of the event, Frederico Martire, coordinator of the Western division of the Mediterranean from ENPI, commented on the bases of the program 2014-2020 for cooperation projects in the Mediterranean region.

We reiterate the importance of events such as this one, which strengthen and enhance cooperation for development and allow the exchange of knowledge, generated by various actors and shared experiences.

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