Water Drop Coordination Meeting in Douris (Baalbeck), Lebanon

Water Drop Coordination Meeting in Douris (Baalbeck), Lebanon
March 9th 2015
PDA office in Douris (Baalbeck) and Beirut

In Baalbek and in Beirut on 9th  March 2015, PDA hosted a Coordination Meeting between Water-DROP partners CNRS and Haliéus organised .These 3 partners organizations will be jointly involved in the evaluation of the state of the art of the implementation of the project in Lebanon, to coordinate the activities of the organizations and to schedule the steps forwards.The meeting has been held in the office of the PDA in Baalbeck , exactly in the village of Douris, given the impossibility for the foreigners to reach the area of Hermel, due to the safety conditions.On 10 th March a new meeting has been held in Beirut (at the Hotel Crowne Plaza) between partners, for debriefing on the issues discussed the day before and for coordinating on the next steps. Moreover, the partners have shared the vision on potential synergies with other projects (such as READY Med Fish, that involves the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, whose delegates for READY Med Fish have been introduced to the PDA, and that are dealing among others with a new legislation for aquaculture that is really relevant for Hermel). Participants to the meeting:

  • Jalal Mahfouz Director of the PDA
  • Nisrine Amahaz Administrative of the PDA 
  • Mohamad Tashm, Manager of PDA
  • Louay Kansoh, Agritechnical in PDA 
  • Gabriele Verginelli, Technical staff Haliéus 
  • Stefano Lelli, Staff CNRS
  • Hassan Mahfouz, Agritechnical in PDA
  • Walaa Mahfouz, GIS technical staff in PDA 
  • Asmaa Hamades, GIS technical staff in PDA