Water-DROP Capitalization seminar in Lebanon

Water-DROP Capitalization seminar in Lebanon
May 23rd 2016

The National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon (CNRS-L), in the framework of the ENPI CBCMED Water-DROP project, organised a capitalisation event in Lebanon to share project’s results and good practices discussing and analysing key-topics with stakeholders. The meeting gathered experts in water management, scientists, students of different Lebanese universities, representatives of international organisations (FAO Lebanon, ACTED Lebanon) and the Planning and Development Agency (PDA, partner of the project) at the Hotel Madisson of Jounieh on May 23rd 2016.Dr Gaby Khalaf, Dr Milad Fakhry, Dr Rita Moawad and Mr Stefano Lelli, CNRS’ project responsible, illustrated the setting up of a monitoring system for the study of the interface between fluvial and marine waters of three Lebanese rivers and the results obtained. Along with the intervention realised by the PDA (presented by Dr Jalal Mahfouz) on the basin of the Assi River, this represented a wide effort to assess the worrying status of the hydrological network in Lebanon, its effect on coastal ecosystems and to propose solutions.The conference was also the occasion to discuss relevant issues related to water management in Lebanon thanks to the interventions of prof Kamal Slim who reported the disastrous results of decades of mismanagement of the largest Lebanese lake (Lake Karaoun), and to Mr. Maacaroun, FAO representative, who introduced the guidelines issued by FAO for a safe wastewater reuse and sludge valorisation. Ms. Laury Açaf presented the results obtained by the ENPI CBCMED M3Hab project on the reduction of the hazards related to benthic harmful algae.Pictures of the event are attached.

Dr Jalal Mahfouz introducing the intervention of PDA in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon Mr Stefano Lelli summarising conclusions and recommendations emerged from the conference.
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