Water Conservation in Balqa, Jordan

Water Conservation in Balqa, Jordan
March 5th 2015

This year, and following up on Water DROP activities in Balqa, Jordan, a number of beneficiaries in the Balqa Governorate have been granted water harvesting wells aiming at reducing their water crisis in the area.

The Water DROP (Water Development Resources Opportunity Policies for the water management in semi-arid areas) project is designed to develop an integrated water cycle management approach at the Mediterranean Sea Basin level for managing the related cross-sector issues through the enforcement of multi-stakeholder partnerships, in particular with public and private actors.

In Jordan, over 20 beneficiaries have been chosen to benefit from water wells which will help in harvesting over 25 m3 of water. Water DROP is a partnership containing nine partners from the region which address water challenges locally; the Water-DROP project has been designed on the assumption that the main issues to be tackled for efficient water management concern technical-methodological, capacity-building, and normative aspects.

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