National round tables, Palestine

National round tables, Palestine
April 10th 2016
Beni Zaid
United States

Palestine Round table 1: the first round table was in July 2016  for official and non governmental organisation about water governance (challenges and opportunities of IWRM) RamallahThe main recommendation were the integrated water management needs the Palestinian water sector reform ( institutionally and legally ) to benefit from the New water law 14/2014 - 21 stakeholder were participatedPalestine Round table 2 : was a platform for dialogue between official stakeholders ( water authority Ministry of agriculture ) and farmers to discuss the socioeconomic incentives to encourage the farmers to reuse treated waste water , the main recommendation was : in order to overcome the socioeconomic and cultural constraints to reuse treated waste water the government has to carry out a  several incentives to the farmers and awareness to increase the farmers willingness to pay the cost. The session was organized 23 october 2016 in Jericho.An integrated Water Resources Management report Through Active Stakeholder Dialogue – Case Study from Palestine, Water Manual and Policy Brief Paper elaborated can be visible attached.