Let's make every DROP count

Let's make every DROP count
June 10th 2015

As part of a global partnership, IUCN ROWA has implemented project activities in Balqa, Jordan to help locals benefit from every drop of water. In under a year, over 30 rain water harvesting wells were built in different areas in Balqa. 

The Water DROP Project "Water Development Resources Opportunity Policies for the Water Management in Semi-arid Areas" works in country sites; namely Italy, Cyprus, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority and Spain. The three-year-project, which is implemented by IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) in Jordan and funded by ENEA - Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development, aims at developing an integrated Water Resources Management approach that will co-ordinate water cycle management across sectors with the enforcement of multi-stakeholder partnerships (public and private actors) to put in place the sharing of an innovative water management approach at the Mediterranean Basin level.

In order to achieve this specific objective, the Water-DROP Project has been designed to be implement activities over three different fronts;  a technical-methodological aspect, an implementation and capacity building aspect, and a normative aspect.

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