Hermel Training Course on Sampling Methodologies, Lebanon

Hermel Training Course on Sampling Methodologies, Lebanon
June 6th 2015

In the framework of Water-DROP projects activities in Lebanon a training course was organized by PDA in Hermal on 6th of june 2015 including class lecture, field practices, study tour, group discussion, etc.
The programme included the basic information of Assi River (Hydrology, Hydrobiology, Environmental study, Water quality, Pollution, Fauna & Flora especially Ichthyofauna, Human activity, Development of aquaculture in the river,  Biology of trout (breeding, rearing of fry and fingerlings, fish nutrition and feeding technology, Topics on eco-aquaculture model, aquaculture technical extension, aquaculture environment, aquatic product processing, management of safety and quality of aquatic products, management of community-based fishery, aquaculture farm management and aquaculture project development will be presented).
The training also foresees field visits to:
-       Assi River,
-       Aquaculture farms

moreover all necessary equipment and tools to perform sampling were illustrated during the training:
Equipment used in field work like thermometer, PH meter, dissolved oxygen meter, conduct-meter, small CTD, etc.
Measure of flow water in the river and the fish farm station
Sampling of sediments, algae, invertebrates, etc.

Attached, the report of PDA, Sampling training agenda, training material