Awareness Campaign on Water development opportunity, Hermel, Lebanon

Policies for the water management in semi arid areas
March 22nd 2016
Cultural Association of Hermel (ACH) Hermel (Bekaa Valley)

The training involved 7 schools, 17 teachers and 44 students.

First training day: 17 participants attended the ToT training (school teachers and ACH animators); participants were either science or sports instructors or animators. The training duration was 2 hours and a half where the trainer starts with the objectives of the training, showing a short video that highlights the issue of water scarcity and the importance of spreading awareness on water protection and use.Then, the trainer starts to explain each activity included in the educational kit; in each activity, the participants played the game and discussed the important related points that they should initiate later with their students. The trainer in each activity tried to give instructions on how to deal with the children during the implementation of the activity and what are the main strategies of discussion that should be used with children. Questions from participants were asked to the trainers concerning the best manners to clarify the problem of water scarcity to children and discussion and advises were offered by the trainer. At the end of the training, a short powerpoint presentation was showed to the participants concerning many points related to water as the water insurance, the main factors that affect the water quality and quantity, water pollution, diseases related to polluted water, in house water treatment, best practices for water collection and recommendations for personal water use.

Second training day: 12 participants attended with 44 students from the 7 schools. At first, the trainer divided the children according to their grades and ages into 4 groups. Each group was supervised by 3 adult participants. Each group had to play some introduction games in order to break the ice with trainers; then, the trainers start the application of the activities with the supervision of the main trainer and solicited the points of discussion related to each activity. In this day, each group of children practiced two of the four activities included in the educational kit in order to continue during the next day.

Third training day: The same 12 participants attended with 41 students from the 7 schools. The groups continued the activities in order to implement the 4 activities included in the educational kits. And the adult trainers shift between groups in order to apply the activities with all age groups. During the application of the activities, the main trainer was supervising the performance of the adult trainers among the groups and was highlighting the main issues during discussions.

Each participant had an educational kit to be used later in his related institution, and the other kits will be distributed to the schools after Easter vacation. They were also aware to share the training with other teachers from schools in order to spread information and target a maximum number of students.

A short evaluation session was also performed with the main trainer, where all the participants were satisfied and had willingness to duplicate the experience with their colleagues.  

the video of activities performed in schools can be visible at following link:

Attached the awareness campaign kits distributed to the school children.

In addition, several workshops were organized during the schools hours as teacher support to talk to the students the importance of water, the correct use of water, the quantity of water in the earth, the water shortage problems in the world and in Middle East countries, the harvesting water system. Through the sessions with the involvement of the school staff,  awareness of children and teachers was raised step by step, before the implementation of the campaign itself in the schools. After the training, one open-day has been organized in April 2016 as a closing event for the awareness campaign: all the students and the teachers involved have been invited to play different games related to the water and enviroment.





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