Awareness campaign on Sustainable Water Management, Al Balqa Jordan

Awareness campaign on Sustainable Water Management, Al Balqa Jordan
April 21st 2015
Al-Balqaa Al-Balqaa

In the framework of the project ENPI Water-DROP-Water Development Resources Opportunity Policies for the water management in semi-arid areas, funded by the European Union, ARCS and the Jordanian partner, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), realized the first Training of Trainers (ToT) for the awareness campaign on sustainable water management in Jordan (Balqa Governorate) end of April 2015.

The training, held by an expert of the Water Right Foundation, lasted three days and engaged 5 schools, 26 teachers and 50 students representative of six secondary schools of the Al Balqa Governorate with the aim to provide Jordanian teachers with effective techniques to stimulate young students' curiosity about water management.

In order to make the youngest aware of the importance of water as a public good, the trainer addressed topics as unequal distribution of water in the word, water efficiency at house hold level, hygiene and water pollution through a participatory approach that puts first the role of each student in learning.

During the training, an educational kit conceived by the WRF and composed of 4 collectives games has been introduced and distributed to the teachers as a tool for repeating the awareness campaign in their classes in order to promote the campaign at students level and other kits were distributed to the schools.

The shortage of water (irrigation and domestic) has figured out as the main problem in the Al Balqa Governorate where a total of 5 public schools and 20 households have been chosen to benefit from practical solutions which improve access to water.